Rocket Spanish Review

 Rocket Spanish Review Update For 2017

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If you’re looking for a Spanish learning program, and you have no experience in learning Spanish Then I recommend you read the rest of this review

with Rocket Spanish you should be able to hold Spanish conversations in about three months.

This Spanish learning program is aimed at people who don’t have any Spanish learning experience.

It starts from the very beginning, coaching you from the start, you listen to a small conversation then you are asked to repeat it. Simple.

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There is a voice recognition facility within the package, where you repeat what you have heard, and then it will play it back alongside the original recording, and you can see with the graph how near your voice is to the Spanish speaking recording, you just repeat it if you’re not happy with the playback. This gets you speaking Spanish with a perfect accent.

It’s not cheap, so if you’re on a tight budget it may not be for you but you do get what you pay for.

Where To Buy This Course

Make sure you buy it from the official website, this rocket Spanish review suggests this because that way you can try it for 60 days, and then if for any reason at all you change your mind, you can get all of your money back. Plus they’re giving away a ton of free stuff!

There are 32 audio lessons that you can repeat, each averaging 25 minutes in length. It comes on 20 CDs, or the better option (we think) is the 24 hour 7 days a week online access.learning a language

Occasionally you are asked to translate Spanish phrases back into English, but I don’t think that is necessary, also some dialog can be a bit boring – like asking for a coffee or buying a ticket – but that might be just me.

A New Way To Learn

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On the plus side though, it takes full advantage of computer technology. In my last review I didn’t mention this, but it tracks your progress, and will point you towards the next lesson that is suited to your learning style. Then if you are competitive you can watch the leader board to see how you are doing compared to other Rocket Spanish learners. 

My Thoughts

I have used this product so let me give you my thoughts on it.

In this Rocket Spanish review I don’t want to just give you the positives, (although there does seem to be a lot of good reviews out there), for me however it doesn’t quite seem challenging enough, but this will be OK if you’re a complete beginner.

It is also mainly for conversational Spanish like how to say how are you in spanish so there’s not much grammar involved. The software is good for both Spanish learning adults and children who need to learn the language, it’s good fun and easy to use.

They also say you will learn Spanish like a rocket in only eight weeks, but it will probably take most people a bit longer than that, if you want to learn Latin American Spanish, then read our Learning Spanish like crazy review, the course is aimed at people wanting to speak like they do in Brooklyn and Queens.

My advice in this Rocket Spanish review would be to use rocket Spanish with another form of learning preferably reading and writing, as this will help you to learn quicker, and help support your audio learning.

==>Rocket Spanish Official Website<==


The ‘Dashboard’

Check your progress as you go.


The website is extremely user-friendly. and is good for all language learning styles After you have purchased Rocket Spanish, you can instantly log in to your ‘dashboard’, (this is what you see as soon as you have logged in), then down one side of the page you have links to other pages called ‘my assessments’, ‘my badges’, ‘my toolbox’, ‘my forum’, and ‘Rocket News.’ It’s all neatly laid out and easy to follow and use.

Prominently placed in the center of the screen is the ‘Rocket Spanish Checklist’- here you can check your progress so far.

There’s a play button which when pressed will play a small conversation and then you will be prompted to repeat while pressing the record button, you then play back your recording and compare your voice with the teachers by listening and looking at a voice recognition graph that has troughs and peaks, so you can try to get it as close to the original Spanish pronunciation as possible.

Live Customer Support

In the bottom right of the screen, there’s a red button that say’s ‘live customer support’ this is one of the major benefits as there is always someone to ask if you are struggling with anything and want some help or guidance.

It is quite good fun, in part of the course you play games as you learn which stops you from getting bored; consequently you dedicate more time to learning so you learn more quickly!

      ==>Rocket Spanish including discount<==



All in all, in this Rocket Spanish review – I would say that I recommend it. One of the main reasons I say this is that you can’t go wrong,  you have 60 days to see if you like it, and if you don’t then just get your money back. Also, the fact that they are giving you this choice means that they are pretty confident in the quality and value of their product.