What is the Best Spanish Learning Software online today?

Quality Spanish Learning Software With Good Customer Support

Can you imagine being able to speak Spanish quickly and easily in 8 weeks or less, we have been looking for the best software to learn Spanish? That has the best customer support.

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It is pretty obvious that learning Spanish will allow you to seize opportunities and situations that are often only available to those who can speak Spanish.

 Software for beginners or advanced students

And in order to take advantage of opportunities that you might want to make the most of, it is imperative to find the best Spanish language software suitable for Beginners and Advanced learners,  so you can become a fluent Spanish lady learning spanishspeaker.

Spanish is quickly becoming the second language spoken in the US today. Current statistics show that there are about three hundred fifty million native speakers of the language.

In addition to Spain, there are a lot of countries, especially in Latin America, where Spanish is an official language for business, commerce and education. In the United States, forty percent of the population speaks the language. So it is best to go for a comprehensive course as well as an easy learning course.

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A lot of schools in the world today are offering subjects in Spanish to their students because they have understood the importance of learning a second language.

Don’t get left behind

In the U.S., 44.3 million are native Hispanic or Latino, representing 12.2% of the total population. It is said that in the United States of America, Spanish has become the second most studied language after English, of course.

The United States has not formally designated “official languages” status to the Spanish language, but it is said that forty percent of the population speaks Spanish.

  Although there are many different sources to help you learn the Spanish language online, most of these sources of learning Spanish are very disorganized and poor quality, so look for good testimonials.

Good quality software

After going through the course that will teach the SIf you really want to learn Spanish in the most effective way, then you should use a high quality course that will teach you this language.panish language, then you should test your newly acquired skills.

This is one of the most effective methods to learn Spanish quickly in about eight weeks. A Spanish course should also have high quality audio files and an electronic guide that will give immediate download so you can begin to learn the Spanish language quickly.

When searching for the best program to learn Spanish it should also have good technical support that will help you get started as soon as you order and download it to your computer in the comfort of your own home.

If you are really serious about wanting to speak the Spanish language with ease and fluency, there is some very high quality software available online – Rocket Spanish; we believe this is the Best Spanish Learning Software.

Pros and Cons of the Rocket Spanish Software

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1) You can start learning right now

You can download the entire material on your computer PC or Mac and start learning the language the very next moment. No need to wait for the arrival of the package by mail. Alternatively you can also access online from any computer for quick learning.

2) Very Comprehensive Course

Interactive audio lessons are the main part of the course and consist of over 14 hours of materials. These lessons also come with full transcripts so you can print if you prefer.

The conversation course book is very good to learn common phrases that you can use daily if you are in a Spanish speaking country or just talk to someone who speaks Spanish. You will learn the common phrases of greeting and farewell, professions, personal questions, and more. There are 119 pages of common phrases to help you better converse with native speakers.

Learning Software Games make learning Spanish fun and interactive, which increases the retention of information learned. This type of learning is ideal for studying new languages, since the interaction more closely reflects real life and allows you to talk out loud and feel comfortable with pronunciations.

3) Perfect for Beginners and Advanced learners

Rocket Spanish is aimed at beginners who want to learn Spanish language quickly however they also have an intermediate and advanced level courses for people who wants to learn the higher level. Each level has its own course and new lessons different than the previous level.

4) Access to Forum

The rocket Forum Spanish is an invaluable resource that is more than worth the price of the entire course. In the forum you will find other students and Spanish teachers willing to answer any specific questions you have.

5) Easy access via their App

You can access the course easily via their app on your mobile. They have a free app which can be downloaded via Play store or iTunes store and supports both Android and iOS devices.

6) Affordable course online

Rocket Spanish is one of the most affordable language learning courses available. But that does not mean it lacks in quality. In fact, it includes more language learning tools than many of the other more expensive products. The other best Spanish language software costs almost 4 times more than the rocket Spanish.

7) Best customer support is available

You will never be left alone with the course. You have a dedicated customer service to fall back on in case of any problem or issue related to the software if you don’t find the answer in their forum.

8) 100% Refund Guarantee

Rocket Spanish course is covered with a 60 days money back guarantee. So you can try it risk free and you have nothing to lose.Spanish couple


Most of the disadvantages associated with Rocket Spanish is the same that is faced by any online educational course. As such courses are online and via software, there is always a lack of the human touch or a tutor. No software can replace the role of a tutor in mastering any language.

1) No Classroom or Tutor

Since the course is available in the form of a software and downloadable package, there is no existence or a classroom or tutor. Many of us are habituated to learn any language or course in the environment of a classroom. Since there is no classroom or tutor, you are all by yourself. You need to have good self discipline and motivate oneself which could be a problem for many. Also there is no one to give you feedback and show you your improvement graph.

2) No live interaction possible

We learn any language quickly and effectively only when we interact with others in that language as many times as possible in a day. Since you are alone and all by yourself, you won’t have that advantage.

3) No visual aid available

Rocket Spanish course is only available in the form of mp3 and CD. The best way to learn any language is via a audio plus video lessons. Rocket Spanish only have an audio format of their lessons and even the interactive games have their basis on audio more than video.

4) Course not available everywhere

Rocket Spanish is only available online and not in any local store. Hence it means if you don’t have a computer or internet at home, you cannot take advantage of the course.

In general, you just cannot beat the value of Rocket Spanish. It is affordable, interactive and is designed to get you speaking Spanish fluently in no time. Thus choosing the best Spanish learning software to meet your specific needs and learning style is crucial to your success in learning Spanish.

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