Verbarrator Review

By | December 5, 2013

Review of Verbarrator : Detailed and honest look at the Spanish conjugate program

This program shows you how to conjugate Spanish verbs, So you can change a verb to fit in a sentence.

For example, a root verb would be correr (to run). To conjugate it, you could change it to Corras (you run), Corra (it verbarratorruns), Corremos (We run), etc. 

In this verbarretor review I will tell you the pros and the cons of this program.

Verbarrator is like practicing speaking Spanish without the embarrassment of potentially not been understood in public

It’s a flexible and full-featured system for learning the Spanish language

No Memorizing

When I first started to learn Spanish I had to memorize huge lists of verb conjugations it was hard to say the least, and more importantly just boring, well the Verberrator makes this process easier and much more fun.

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If you have tried it the old fashioned way then you will really appreciate this program.

It wouldn’t be a proper verbarrator review if I didn’t point out the cons as well as the pros so my pet peeves are;

The female voice can be slightly irritating she needs to relax a bit; I think the male Spanish speaker speaks the language OK though.

I would like it if there was some way of keeping track of my progress, being able to keep a score would be good idea

Being able to save verb lists would be beneficialverbarrator software

I think the interface could be improved slightly I would like to be able to select verbs via keyboard shortcuts and scroll more easily in verb lists.

But the interface is attractive and kind of fun to use. I like where you have the ability to set up the options and let the program run automatically. So you can stand up, and stretch, instead of just sitting. Also I like the fact that I can hit the spacebar to override the automatic timing.

Here are 3 good reasons why it lives up to its claims

It is not often that someone develops a truly useful, unique and original idea or process. But when it does happen, it changes its industry standards and expectations.

The Verbarrator is one of these ideas. It has taken language learning, specifically Spanish, to the next level. Over the next few years, you will probably see more and more programs ride on the coattails of this new language learning approach, and if you co-inside this with other Spanish learning programs, it will be most beneficial, read our rocket Spanish review, as an example of some of the language coarse’s you could try.

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1) Interactive:

No one can learn a language in a vacuum. Listening and repeating phrases from a CD is better than nothing, but it does not prepare you for the instantaneous recall you need to correct the form of a verb while you are speaking.

The Verbarrator does just this, and provides students with situations so they can create their own responses with the verbs they have chosen to focus on.

Furthermore, students can force themselves to speak more quickly by changing the amount of time they have to respond to a prompt.

There is no other software that does this kind of real-life practice. Nor is there any other software that allows for students to focus only on exactly what they want or need.

2) Verb Focus:spanish verb heart

Why a language program has not focused only on verbs before now is mind boggling.

All you need to do is think for a moment to realize that the verb in any sentence, in any language, is the key idea. The subject, direct object and prepositional phrases are simply extra information. But in a pinch, you have to be able to state the verb.   

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Then, even if you make errors with the rest of the details of the sentence, the person to whom you are speaking will get the main idea.

Communication will be possible. The Verbarrator provides practice with over 550 key verbs, enough for anyone needing to speak Spanish for everyday use. If these are not enough, you will find that the strategies you have learned from the Verbarrator will assist you in adding verbs to your vocabulary after the program is completed.

The teachers of this coarse recommend you study along side there other Spanish coarse “Learning Spanish Like Crazy” although you will benefit hugely, it’s not absolutely necessary.

3) Meaningful Contexts:

One other great feature of the Verbarrator is the practice drills that place the student in a “situation”, one that is actually probable.

learning spanish verbsSo, instead of practicing phrases like (1) “The red pencil is on the table”, you will practice saying things like (2) “Where can I buy a red pencil”.

Clearly, it is more useful to know how to say (2) than (1). Additionally, students are more likely to remember what they learn when new concepts or material is given a context the student has experience with.

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For example, a student is going to remember more about making change if they learn it in the context of a lemonade stand, than if they simply do “kill and drill” activities with no meaning for them. This is the idea the Verbarrator is based upon and it works.

Whether you are looking to learn Spanish for school or for a real-life application, the Verbarrator is a program you will be able to learn from. Especially if you also use the Spanish learning program Learning Spanish Like Crazy Levels 1 and 2

It is reasonably priced for the customization options provided and the contexts given. Students can download it immediately for their PC or MAC.

==>The Official Verbarrator Website<==

I have realized while doing research for this verbarrator review that there has been a lot of thought and planning in putting this program together and it shows.

You will become better at speaking Spanish, and you will be able to be understood.

Any language program that does these two things for students is the bomb!