Top 10 best books to learn the Spanish language

By | March 9, 2015

Below are the best books to learn Spanish, they have been chosen from the best seller list, and have mainly 4.5 stars all with lots of good customer reviews.

At the time of writing this book review all the prices have been cut, if the links don’t work then the offer may have been withdrawn, and the price of any, or all, of these books could change at any time.

1 Living Language Spanish, Complete Edition

four and a half stars  233 customer reviews 

Was  $49.99  now  $28.21

Complete Spanish is a different multimedia system which goes from newbie to advanced level in a single practical package.

Essentially this package is based upon linguistic science, and established methods, with
over 60 years experience. the developer teaches you the entire language, so that you can actually have a conversation, not simply talk from memorized words.
• 3 Books: over 45 lessons, extra evaluation exercises, culture information, plus a bonus notebook
• 9 Audio CDs: Language, dialogues, audio exercises, listen when using the books or even use on the go.
• Free Online Learning: games, Flashcards, and interactive quizzes for every lesson.
The book is composed in a manner that feels more natural to learning conversational Spanish.

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2 Easy Spanish Step-By-StepEasy Spanish

star rating   260 customer reviews

Was $14.00 now $7.51

This book teaches the language in order of importance; it’s logically organized and presents sentence structure in sections together with vocabulary and reading material in order that the student can easily combine it.
It expects the user to know a little basic Spanish, like how to say thank you in Spanish, or my name is etc.

It moves quickly from the simple to the more complex and does not over do the exercises.
The book teaches a lot,  with fewer pages in comparison with other books

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3 501 Spanish Verbs with CD-ROM and Audio CD501 Spanish Verbs

star rating  250 customer reviews

Was $16.99 now $12.17

The creators specialize on a command of Spanish verbs, and to be fluent in Spanish you need an understanding of verbs.

This book shows learners the best way to use the 501 most common and important Spanish verbs in all the different tenses. Every verb is in an alphabetical order and is indexed in easy-to-follow chart form, 1 verb for each page having its English translation. Inside the book are a couple of discs, a CD-ROM with language-learning aids, as well as an audio CD which reviews the formation and use of The spanish language verb forms.

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4 Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and ProvenMadrigal's Magic Key to Spanish Approach

star rating   432 customer reviews

Was $15.00 now $7.90

This book begins with teaching phrases, and words that make sense straight away and introduces phrases where only the background knowledge allows them to be fully understood instead of just being committed to memory. once you figure out one thing, you understand lots of other things, as well. This particular book is particularly proficient at teaching grammar.

At $8 this book is ideal if your on a budget, when you compare it to lets say the Rocket Spanish program which can cost somewhere in the region of $100.

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5 Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses, Second EditionPractice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses

star rating   175 customer reviews

Was $13.00 now $9.01

For beginners to more advanced Spanish-language learners, Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses teaches you why and when to use particular verb tenses and provides you with lots of examples, boosting your confidence in deciding on the best word.

A good complement to Verbarretor, a program that shows you how to conjugate Spanish verbs, So you can change a verb to fit in a sentence.

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6 See It and Say It in SpanishSee It and Say It in Spanish book

star rating   160 customer reviews

Was $6.99 now $6.00

This is a good book to have in your Spanish learning library. It’s simple, and enjoyable, to read, with a lot of images. A great complement for audio only courses such as
Michel Thomas and Pimsleur.
Easy to read and comprehend for newbies. Helpful in learning verbs with tenses.
ideal for a novice learning to speak Spanish.

This book was authored by the same woman who published “Magic Key to Spanish”. This particular book (See it & Say it) concentrates on vocabulary and simple phrases, which is good because at first, you don’t want to be given anything overly complicated, I’d say if you are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, get this book. but For anyone who is serious about learning a lot of the Spanish language, then get Magic Key.

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7 Practice Makes Perfect Basic SpanishPractice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish book

star rating   125 customer reviews

Was $13.00 now $11.96

the sections are quite brief and the kinds of exercises alter frequently so it doesn’t get monotonous.
This is a really fun book, with, fill in the blanks, as well as fun facts and stories to read. using the phrases you have just mastered, as well as words and phrases that you haven’t however you can easily understand from the context.
The book will either be an excellent start for a novice or a great book to use with a spanish language course like Rocket Spanish.

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8 Spanish For DummiesSpanish For Dummies book

4 stars   72 customer reviews

Was $24.99 now $15.25

This publication is easy to follow along with. The book is also enjoyable to use and presents language and sentence structure in easily understood phrases.
Whether you are a student learning the Spanish language, a tourist getting ready to visit a Spanish speaking country and wish to understand the basics, or wanting to get ahead in your job through learning another language, Spanish For Dummies, 2nd edition is a good guide to quickly learn Latin American Spanish which includes:

pronunciations, grammar, and verb conjugations,
A overhauled and extended bonus CD-ROM which includes real life conversation to help with your studying

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9 Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step:Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step: book

star rating 4.5   43 customer reviews

Was $16.00 now $12.99

The Spanish grammar books by Barbara Bregstein tend to be easy to understand, using clear examples. Every lesson offers exercises in which you fill in the right answer, then check the answers in the back of the book. A great book for classroom or personal study.
You’ll get a quick overview of the essential grammar basics, and then move on to more advanced subjects that are needed for true efficiency of the language. With comprehensive coverage of verb tenses, irregular verbs, sentence structure

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10 Spanish Now! Level 1Spanish Now! Level 1  book

4 stars   114 customer reviews

Was $18.99 now $14.94

This is a combination of workbook, and textbook, which is intended to be an introduction to The spanish language for classroom use.

The focus is on conversational speaking and listening comprehension however the creators also provide comprehensive teaching in the basic principles of Spanish grammar, speaking, reading understanding, and writing in Spanish. The book is stuffed with exercises, true to life conversation, humorous cartoons.

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