tips for learning spanish

By | October 25, 2015

There are many languages all over the world and some of them are spoken by more people than others.spanish tips

Spanish is one of the most important forms of communication that exists in the world and it’s especially important for people from North America to be able to speak it clearly if they want to have an advantage in their ability to network with Hispanic people.

In this article we are going to give you some tips on how you can learn Spanish as fast as possible.

A great way to learn any language is to listen to other people speaking it and if you are trying to understand Spanish this is perfect for that language because of the way the words are pronounced and spoken.

Find time to watch TV with Spanish programming and if you can get English subtitles you will learn a lot.

This has helped many people and you can buy Spanish DVD’s too, which usually come with very proper English translations in the subtitle options.

Get yourself some sticky notes and put them on as many things as you can around the house.

note tipIn the kitchen put one label on the table and name it “mesa” or go into your room and put one on one of your bed posts and name it “cama”. You might have a harder time placing one of these on your pets, but you can get creative with this idea and use it as much as you can to learn some words and even phrases.

A very good tip is to download audio books in Spanish and just listen to them when you are working out or you are just relaxing.

The more you get to be exposed to the material, the better chances of having all of it stick to your head. There are many excellent books that have been translated to Spanish from Amazon, as well as some books that are originally from Spanish writers. We suggest that you get books on topics that you are passionate about and this way you won’t have to make it a chore, but instead a pleasant and entertaining way of contributing to your Spanish lessons.

Make a list of good phrases and words that you can use in everyday situations.

Like How to say how are you in Spanish? or as an example you could use the following:

  • What is your name? “cual es tu nombre”
  • Excuse me, what time is it? “Disculpe, que hora es?”
  • Where is the bank? “Donde queda el banco?”
  • Very nice to meet you “un placer conocerle”
  • How To Say Thank You In Spanish

These are all great ways to start learning the basics and you need to remember that there are many words in Spanish that can be pronounced the same way but they mean different things depending on the context.

For example “Banco” and “Banca” can both refer to a Bank or to a bench. ”Banca” is a way of referring to the business of banks, and it can also be about a bench that you are going to sit on. This are very important things that you need to consider and that way you will expand your knowledge a lot faster.tip three

There is a key element for learning Spanish faster and that is consistency.

If you study and practice at least a half hour to an hour daily, you will be achieving a good conversational level a lot faster than you might expect. If you feel like you would rather spend that free daily time doing something fun, just remember how valuable it will be once you can be fluent in the language and how many doors this will open for you.