How To Say Thank You In Spanish

By | May 20, 2014

Learning essential phrases like how to say thank you in Spanish can be really vital for people who want to develop a business or engage in areas populated by native Spanish-speaking groups, you may want to take advantage of educational and professional opportunities.

saying thank youLearning a language is not only an advantage in the job market, but it can also be very useful when you want to communicate and maintain a general conversation with native people of countries who speak another language.

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Regarding the Spanish language, one of the most important issues for learners of this language is how to say “thank you”.

It is important to know what the different ways to say thanks are in the Spanish most common phrases and others that are often used. Spain is not the only country where Spanish is spoken, because a large part of South America and Latin America also use this language as a mother tongue. There are also many other countries around the world where you can find large Spanish-speaking communities.


If you want to learn a new language, you must think that the Spanish-speaking world is vast within the Western Hemisphere. Then, we will try to learn as they say “thank you” in Spanish and different ways of saying it.


Step 1: Learn to say thank you in Spanish


Saying thank you is a very common way of showing that we are thankful for something. To say “thank you” in Spanish, you should say “gracias”. The word “gracias” is pronounced as follows: “grath -i –ass” in Spanish of Spain and “grassy –ass” in Latino Spanish.


Try saying the word aloud, repeating until you can pronounce it correctly. Then, try to keep repeating words and memorize it.

Step 2: Alternative phrases in Spanish

Instead of saying “thank you”, you can learn other phrases in Spanish that have relatively the same meaning. gracias

Some of these words can be used for business, while others can be used in a more informal way.

For example: you can say “muchas gracias” (“thank you very much or thanks a lot” in English) when you are very satisfied with someone for specific something.

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When you decide to thank someone, you can say “gracias a…” (“thanks to…” in English), while if you prefer to anticipate with thanks, you can say “gracias de antemano” (“thanks in advance” in English).

In turn, another way of expressing thanks can be: “estoy agradecido” if you are a man or “estoy agradecida” if you are a woman (“I am thankful” in English).


Step 3: Use it in a conversation

Once you’ve learned to say several different phrases to thank in Spanish, you need to use those phrases in conversations to memorize the words and know that answers must be given.

Here are some phrases that can be used to answer a “thank you” in Spanish:

“De nada” (“You’re welcome” in English)

“Por favor” (“Please” in English)

“Estoy bien, gracias” (“I am fine, thanks” in English)

“No es nada” (“It’s nothing” in English)

It is important that you can incorporate these basic concepts in your conversation in Spanish as there is always a moment to thank someone for something or answer a “thank you”.