How to say how are you in Spanish?

By | November 7, 2013

How to say how are you in Spanish?

Spanish can seem to be a little complex because there are usually more than 2 ways to say everything.

In English we also have combinations that allow us to say the same thing with a different structure, so is Spanish hard to learn? well with Spanish things work a little differently. In this article we are going to show you all the ways in which you can say “how are you?” in this language.

The Most Common Way

OK so we are going to give you the most basic ways to do this starting with the popular “como estas?” this is one of the hello in spanishmost common ways to say “how are you” in Spanish.

“como” means “how” but if you say “Yo como” you are saying “I eat” and just like it happens with this example, that happens a lot in Spanish so this is one reason why you should always check for words that are pronounced and written the same way but they have different meanings depending on the words that are used in combination with it.

Now that we cleared that out, let’s get back to other ways of saying “how are you?” in Spanish.

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A Polite Way

Another popular way of saying it is “Como esta usted?” and this way has a more polite and serious tone to it. The kind of question you would ask an older person out of respect.

“Usted” is like a way of saying “you” just like “tu” is also “you” and this is why you could also say “como estas tu?” but this is more casual and also common in some regions of Latin America.

It Means The Same

Basically you can say “como estas vos” or “como estas tu” and also “como esta usted” and you would be saying the exact same thing, but they are all ways to say “how are you?” in different regions and situations.

For example “vos” and “usted” are used in some countries depending on the age and the closeness you have to a person.

An Easy Way To Learnhow are you

If you want to learn more, especially about communicating in Spanish you should consider Synergy Spanish, with this program you only have to learn about 130 words to be able to easily converse with Spanish speaking people.

In most cases if you want to be polite and you are talking with people you barely know, to say “como esta usted” would be the most appropriate approach in any country.

Also take a look at our rocket spanish review It’s more complex but it’s more fun and easy to use.

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