Why Should Americans Learn Spanish?

Why Should Americans Learn Spanish?

On the whole, Spanish is arguably THE language to learn for Americans. It offers great benefits to the learner, while requiring less effort than most other foreign languages. It’s never too late to start learning Spanish.


It’s easy

So, why should Americans learn Spanish? Well to start with, Spanish is known for being one of the easiest foreign languages for Americans to learn. One reason for this is that Spanish is a phonetically transparent language, meaning Spanish words are written as they are pronounced (unlike English!) making reading new words a whole lot easier. So basically, if you know how to spell a Spanish word you can usually tell how it’s pronounced. Take a look at our ‘Basic Spanish’ page for examples.

Another reason Spanish is one of the easiest languages for us to learn is the fact that there are fewer vowel sounds than English, making Spanish pronunciation fairly easy for us Americans. Also, in terms of grammar, Spanish has fewer irregularities than other European languages, and much of the Spanish vocabulary is similar to English. Then make your learning even easier by finding out your learning style.


Increase your job opportunities

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A bilingual speaker of Spanish has advantages in employment that monolinguists do not. Especially when working in education, international trade, tourism, medicine, or communication-based work. The ability to converse in Spanish as well as English therefore brings more employment opportunities, (being the second most widely spoken language in the world), so what are you waiting for? Boost your résumé now!


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Prevent aging

If you’re still asking ‘why should Americans learn Spanish?’ then listen up. Research has shown that language learning can help to boost your memory and slow age-related mental decline, while also stimulating creativity. It’s all-round brain exerciser! Read our article to learn more about how learning a language such as Spanish will benefit your mental abilities and mental health, particularly as you age.


It’s a fun challenge!Spanish podium

The final reason why Americans should learn Spanish? It’s fun! Learning a new language such as Spanish will also appeal to anyone who enjoys mastering a challenge. Plus it’s ideal if those who love talking and reading, making the whole experience an enjoyable one. So go ahead and master the challenge, and your efforts will pay off.




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