8 Easy Ways to Learn Spanish

8 Easy Ways to Learn Spanish


  •  #1:

Listening practice. Watch your favourite films or TV programmes in the Spanish language with English subtitles or vice versa. Alternatively, check out some Spanish soap operas (telenovelas) available on YouTube… See if you can work out what’s going on! Listening is definitely an easy way to learn Spanish, and getting as much exposure to Spanish is crucial to improving your language skills and vocabulary.




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  •  #2:

The vocab booster. Use a Spanish dictionary or Google Translate to look up words for objects around your home and label them with post-its so you’re exposed to them regularly. This rehearsal of new words is important in order for them to be committed to memory.




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Put it into practice. Do you really need an excuse to book a holiday to sunny Spain? Because here is a great one. Immersing yourself in the Spanish culture is a proven way to boost your language skills. Not only is this an easy way to learn Spanish but a fun way too. So what are you waiting for? There are over 20 Spanish speaking countries in the World!




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  •  #4:

Reading practice. A fun way to practice reading Spanish is to buy children’s books aimed at Spanish children, for example, La oruga muy hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar!) This way, you can choose the level of difficulty you’re comfortable with and work your way up to more advanced Spanish books and magazines. Alternatively, dual language books, which have each page translated in both Spanish and English are also available and a good learning aid. Amazon offer a good selection, including Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, also available in Kindle edition.





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  • Easy way to learn Spanish #5:

Listening practice. Continue your dalliance with the Spanish media and delve into the world of Spanish music. Spanish is one of the most widely used languages for music after English. Search on YouTube for a song you like and Google the lyrics so you can sing along! This will help you to practise your pronunciation, especially useful if you are a beginner.




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  • Easy way to learn Spanish #6:

Spanish every day, everywhere. Why not turn your car’s SatNav to Spanish? Or listen to Spanish speaking podcasts on the train or tube? Some podcasts are available for free on iTunes. By listening to Spanish at each opportunity you get, your ears will begin to attune to the sounds of the new language and help you to internalise syllable stress and the patterns of words.




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  • Easy way to learn Spanish #7:

Speaking practice. If you don’t already know a native Spanish speaker, try to establish contact with someone who is. Conversation practice is extremely important for developing your Spanish skills. You can find a conversation partner on the Skype Community Network or search at My Language Exchange to find a Spanish speaker who is also looking to improve their English speaking skills for a mutually beneficial pairing.




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  • Easy way to learn Spanish #8:

Rocket Spanish. All of the above are much less effective without a course to base your learning around. The best and most easy to use online Spanish course out there at the moment is Rocket Spanish. This course will reinforce your learning, by providing step-by-step explanations about the Spanish language, and giving you the essential building blocks to becoming a proficient speaker of Spanish. The package also comes complete with interactive quizzes, games and downloadable audio lessons so you can learn on the move. It’s also one of the cheapest courses on the market, and over 40,000 learners have already subscribed. In my opinion, it is THE easiest way to learn Spanish. Make sure you sign up today. Learn to speak Spanish easily with Rocket Spanish.