Find Out Your Language Learning Style

Find Out Your Language Learning Style

Maximise your Spanish language learning experience by understanding your personal learning style, and focusing on what benefits you the most as a learning tool.


Visual Learner

Visual learners learn Spanish best when information is presented visually. They are typically good with their imagination and spanish eyeslike to write things down.


Concentrate on graphical information
Good at spelling
Likes charts, shapes and colour when learning
Often close their eyes to remember something



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Learning suggestions:

Make notes and lists when listening to Spanish online learning courses.
Draw up a table with Spanish verbs and color code vocabulary
Use flashcards and highlighters
Watch Spanish videos





Auditory learners learn Spanish best when information is presented orally. They typically like to talk, sometimes to themselves, and respond well to auditory instruction and repetition.


Likes to read aloud
Enjoys musicSpanish sounds
Good with names, and explaining points to others
Follows spoken directions well


Learning suggestions:

Use word association (see point #7 on the page ‘10 ways to improve your memory in your Spanish studies’)
Watch Spanish videos
Listen to Spanish podcasts
Repeating words aloud


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Kinaesthetic learners have a preference for learning through experience, movement and touch. They typically learn best when participating in hands-on activities.


Is good at sports
Need to be active and take breaks often
Use gestures when speaking, i.e. they ‘speak with their hands’
Well co-ordinated



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Learning suggestions:

Role playing
Using memory games
Studying with others
Visit a Spanish speaking country for a hands on approach!