Cute things to say in Spanish

By | November 20, 2013

Cute things to say in Spanish

There are some basic things that everyone should learn to say in any language when they are starting out.

man saying cute things in spanishFirst you learn basic Spanish like saying hello, asking for directions and other easy and practical words and phrases.

Then you can move up to more personal things like learning cute things to say in Spanish to someone you like.

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In this article we are going to show you the basic things you can say to someone you like in Spanish.

One Of The Most Common Ways

We could start with one of the most basic which is “amor” which means love. This is a very common cute thing to say to someone in Spanish when you are dating them.

“hola mi amor” means “hello my love” and another common way is to say “mi vida” which translated to English as “my life” but in Spanish it has a very romantic and sweet meaning to it. If you want to learn more verbs read the verbarrator review this program is suited to the beginner, for more advanced Spanish learning then I recomend you read the rocket spanish review.

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You Look Beautiful

If you say “que guapa te ves” you are saying “you look beautiful” you also may want to learn How to Say You Are Beautiful in Spanish, if you say “que linda te ves” that would mean “you look pretty” but you could also say “bonita” and it also means pretty “te ves bonita” would also work the same way.

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This is also a regional thing in most cases but none of the examples would be offensive to anyone that speaks Spanish so you can feel safe about using any of those examples.

so is Spanish hard to learn no not really once you get the hang of these few words you will want to learn more.

What Most Women Love To Hear

If you want to step up your romantic game for cute things to say in Spanish, you can tell your girlfriend “hola nena” and this would mean “Hi babe” which is a very nice compliment that most women love to hear.

There is also “eres una muñeca” and that means “you are a doll” or maybe even “eres preciosa” which translates as “you are precious”. Just like the other examples, these ones can be used without worry that you would sound disrespectful.