Best Program To Learn Spanish

By | December 27, 2013

The Five Best Programs to Learn Spanish

If you are trying to learn Spanish online then you will know that there are countless programs out there which claim they can help you.

Some of them live up to their claims, most do not.

For most people they will have spent a good chunk of their cash before they find something that actually works.

This is why it is important to carry out research beforehand. I have looked at a lot of feedback and testimonials, so On this page I want to take a little look at the five best programs of 2014 that will give you the best opportunity to learn Spanish (in my opinion).

If you use one of these then you won’t go far wrong.

These are listed in order of preference. 


1)        EDITOR’S Choice
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Rocket Spanish:


This is one of the more popular of the programs to learn Spanish online. This course is completely online and you are going to get a lot of help along the way (a fairly active forum for you to jump into for a start).

rocket spanish laptopThe basis of this course is based around three core principles which have been developed over the years by various scientists who have looked into the way in which the mind works when it is learning.

This means that you are going to have everything broken down to you in bite size chunks.

So it will make it far easier for you to learn.

On top of this you will be in an environment where you can work at your own pace.

The environment also makes use of native speakers and regular feedback so you know how well you are progressing.

This is all capped off with various teaching methods;

visual, aural, reading and writing and actually having to do something.

This creates a wonderful course that is simple to follow and will get you learning the language fairly quickly.


2.    Rated  2 of Top 5

Learning Spanish Like Crazy:



The majority of programs to learn Spanish online at the moment are all literally ‘online’ only.

learning spanish like crazy logoThis is where ‘Learning Spanish Like Crazy’ differs from the rest.

You see, this program is either MP3 based (this means you can download it) or you can get the CDs sent to your home (over 50 of them in total).

This program is completely audio. This means that many people feel as though they are thrown in the ‘deep end’. Unlike Rocket Spanish you will not be learning things in ‘chunks’. You will be building on your knowledge of Spanish quite rapidly.

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 Many people suggest that this program is ideal for those that have a small understanding of Spanish to start with. However, I have seen it be effective on those that are incredibly new to the language.


3.   Rated 3 of Top 5

Synergy Spanish:



This is one of the more unique programs to learn Spanish on this list.

synergy spanishThis is because with this program you are not going to be fed chunks and chunks of grammar, vocab and tons of other stuff. Oh no. With this you are going to be given 138 words only and told how you should be using them.

You will be surprised at just how effective you will be at the language knowing the right way to use these words.

Sure, if you want to be an expert you are going to need to learn a lot more.

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However, this course is perfect for those that are doing a bit of travelling through Spain and want to get by.


4.   Rated 4 of Top 5


Learning Spanish Like Crazy 2:


This is the second incarnation of the product mentioned slightly higher up the list.

learn spanish like crazy 2There are a couple of improvements here. This product is not higher up the list because it is designed to expand on the lessons that you learnt in the first program (they are ideally bought together, but sadly from what I can tell there is no package deal).

This program is recorded a great deal better and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the language program creation.

It is not ideal for those that do not learn through ‘listening’ though, and of course, you need a decent understanding of the language before you take a look at it.


5.  Rated 5 of Top 5

Transparent Language Spanish:


Remember learning things at school? I am sure that more than once you used flash cards right? Well, that is what this program is based around.

transparent spanishThere are over 2,000 words and phrases here which aim to teach you ‘perfect recall’.

It is backed up by a system of audio CDs. It is actually a rather good system. It may be slightly difficult to use for those who do not have experience in the language.

It also seems to teach less ‘practical’ stuff. It does not really build up confidence.

You may learn things but you may be slightly reluctant to use them in a practical sense, which is a great shame.