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tips for learning spanish

There are many languages all over the world and some of them are spoken by more people than others. Spanish is one of the most important forms of communication that exists in the world and it’s especially important for people from North America to be able to speak it clearly if they want to have… Read More »

Top 10 best books to learn the Spanish language

Below are the best books to learn Spanish, they have been chosen from the best seller list, and have mainly 4.5 stars all with lots of good customer reviews. At the time of writing this book review all the prices have been cut, if the links don’t work then the offer may have been… Read More »

How to Say I Miss You in Spanish

When someone has strong feelings for another person and they have not seen each other for a long time, they will start to remember the good times they had, and miss moments when they lived together. To express this feeling in English, we say “I miss you”. If we want to say the same but in… Read More »

How To Say Thank You In Spanish

Learning essential phrases like how to say thank you in Spanish can be really vital for people who want to develop a business or engage in areas populated by native Spanish-speaking groups, you may want to take advantage of educational and professional opportunities. Learning a language is not only an advantage in the job market, but it… Read More »

Transparent Language Review

Transparent Spanish Complete Edition Transparent Spanish Complete Edition is one of our top five best programs to learn Spanish it claims that it includes absolutely everything that you need to learn the Spanish language effectively. ==>Transparent Language Official Website<== Does it though? Is it really as good as the creators claim? Let’s take a little… Read More »

Best Program To Learn Spanish

The Five Best Programs to Learn Spanish If you are trying to learn Spanish online then you will know that there are countless programs out there which claim they can help you. Some of them live up to their claims, most do not. For most people they will have spent a good chunk of their… Read More »

Verbarrator Review

Review of Verbarrator : Detailed and honest look at the Spanish conjugate program This program shows you how to conjugate Spanish verbs, So you can change a verb to fit in a sentence. For example, a root verb would be correr (to run). To conjugate it, you could change it to Corras (you run), Corra (it… Read More »

Cute things to say in Spanish

Cute things to say in Spanish There are some basic things that everyone should learn to say in any language when they are starting out. First you learn basic Spanish like saying hello, asking for directions and other easy and practical words and phrases. Then you can move up to more personal things like learning… Read More »