About us

Thanks for taking the time to read about us.

I live with my wife on the outskirts of London now semi retired we take regular trips to Spain, and we like to visit the Andalucía region in particular.

We enjoy the simple things like eating out and discovering lesser known parts of Spain, we have found that by interacting with the local population you get more of a feel for the real Spain, it’s definitely much better if you just try to speak Spanish, essential in some places if you want to be fully accepted, although on the whole the Spanish people are very friendly,

but of course if you try to speak the language they really do appreciate it.
when we first started going to Spain we couldn’t speak any Spanish whatsoever and found it very daunting to go anywhere except the tourist areas, which of course we always enjoyed, but on one occasion we ventured further inland where very little English was spoken.

At first we felt a bit like fish out of water and not very comfortable but we persevered and tried a few simple Spanish words like please and thank you, then we noticed that we seemed to get a bit of respect just by trying to speak the language.

So we practiced some more and really started to enjoy ourselves, we now speak the language quite well and it has opened up a whole new world to us.

We have now traveled all over Spain and loved every minute of it, we taught ourselves with the help of online courses which we have reviewed and can be found on this website.